Reactive Alumina

Reactive Alumina For Advanced Ceramics

Alumina is one of the most important oxide materials used for advanced ceramics. Alumina-based ceramics feature good mechanical strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, thermal properties and electrical insulation properties. LISALTM alumina are designed to be low-sodium ground fines with specified particle size distribution and thermal activity.

LISALTM R series are high-purity sub-micron grade alumina designed for applications that require high density, low firing temperature, and modest amount of flux. The unique sintering feature enables LISALTM R to achieve high mechanical strength and homogeneous microstructure.
LISALTM C series are high-purity micron grade (1~2um) alumina designed for electronics, electronic substrates, and wear-resistant parts. They feature high conversion rate, strictly controlled particle size distribution, good fluidity, and thermal stability, allowing them to be processed in rolling, casting, dry pressing, isostatic pressing, hot die casting, and grouting.