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A new patent "Micro-pore light corundum"
Release time:2015/5/30 9:28:27

Recently, Zhejiang Zili Alumina Material Technology Co., Ltd (Zili Alutec.) successfully applied a national new patent named " micro-pore light corundum and the manufacture method" which is the most advanced technology in the world.Zili Alutec was founded on Dec.25th,2013.  Within 17 months, Zili Alutec. had achieved 6 Utility model patents, 2 invention patents. At same time, Zili Alutec. also participated in drafting 3 national specification standards.

Meanwhile, Zili Alutec. also offers dispersing aluminas, reactive & calcined aluminas, sintered aluminate magnesia powder and other new products.

Furthermore, Zili Alutec. recently finished a new 25,000mt tabular alumina production line. The tabular alumina capacity has reached 80,000mt annually. Zili Alutec. will be the biggest tabular alumina producer in China.