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Congresses (METEC) in Dusseldorf , Germany from 16th to 20th of June 2015
Release time:2015/12/2 13:11:46

  June 16—20,the world's largest international Exhibition-2015 Dusseldorf International Metallurgical Technology Exhibition(METEC) was held in Dusseldorf,Germany.Zili's technical,sales and marketing personnel participated in this exhibition.
      This year's congress,using"The Bright World Of Metals"as the theme,attracted more than 2,000 global exhinitors.
      During the ili's exhibition booth welcomed visitors from around the world;furthermore our team took the opportunity to conduvt detailed information exchange and technical discussion with many companies.The exhibition provided an excellent marketing platform and showcase for Zhejiang Zili Corp. to emerge on the international stage as an important contributor to the refractories and raw materials world.